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Jam Style Skate Team
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Trevor`s Skate Profile


Name: Trevor Pochodaj
Age: 14
Location:westland, MI
Home Skating Rink: Skateland West
Type Of Skates: Carrera Speed Roller Skates
Type Of Bearings: ABEC 5
Type Of Wheels: Twister [red and white]
Color Of Laces: checkerd [red,white,black]
Color Of skates: black with white flames
Aol Instant Messanger:Carrerajamr69
Favorite Pacing song:Newcleus - Jam on it
Favorite Paces:The zig zag(a team pace)

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My fav thing to do on my skates is 720 toe spins but i can only land them half of the time.I also like to pace,we inented te zigzag pace or the cross over.